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Thank you so much for your interest in being part of our Rooted family.  Our goal is to achieve long lasting relationships with our amazing patients and to “root” ourselves in this community.  Our esthetic will align with this evolution as well.  The warm, welcoming, yet modern atmosphere matches our personalities and clinical approach.

At Rooted Dental Care, we offer open and honest communication by implementing new diagnostic tools in our visits to present you any areas of concern. Before scheduling any treatment, you will be presented with a plan that breaks down your benefits and coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, without a doubt, rechargeable powered toothbrushes are far superior to manual toothbrushes. Toothbrushes such as Oral B Genius and Sonicare offer thousands of brush strokes per minute as well as internal timers and pressure sensors, providing optimal plaque removal and gum stimulation.

A: We offer fluoride treatments to all of our patients after their cleanings because fluoride benefits people of all ages. Fluoride prevents cavities by drawing minerals back into the enamel. This protects teeth that have never had treatment and protect any dental work you have previously invested in. Fluoride also provides sensitivity relief.

A: Nowadays we have a topical gel that is placed on the area before the dentist delivers the local anesthetic. This technique will help it feel seemingly pain-free.

A: Depending on the patient it could last up to one year. Certain habits like smoking, drinking red wine, or coffee can cause the teeth to stain faster. However, touch-ups are available if needed.

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