Teeth Whitening

The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

You may not have heard it earlier, but teeth aren’t supposed to be naturally white. They are usually of pearly shade and turn yellow over time. As you get older, the external layer of your tooth enamel gradually starts to wear down. It ultimately leads to the exposure of the dentin layer of your teeth. The dentin layer is more yellowish. As a result, your teeth appear more yellowish.

You would have noticed that babies have beautiful snow-white teeth. But the permanent ones that replace those snow-white teeth are more yellow by nature. In addition to usual wear and tear over the years, there are other factors that can darken the color of your teeth. Tartar, stains, dust, food particles, and other substances can do that. The only way to avoid the darkening of your teeth is to maintain good dental hygiene. There are plenty of measures that you can adopt to maintain good mental health. Regular professional teeth whitening is one of those measures that you can take to ensure a bright, white smile. Here are some of the major benefits of professional teeth whitening:


Fast And Safe

You may have been using over-the-counter products to maintain the shine of your teeth. Though the over-the-counter product may also be effective, they are slow and don’t last long. However, unlike these over-the-counter products, you can have whiter teeth after only a single session of professional teeth whitening. An in-office professional teeth whitening session is particularly important for those who have to attend a big event and haven’t got so much time to whiten their teeth from over-the-counter products.

Since an experienced dentist will be performing the procedure, it’s also a perfectly safe option. If you encounter any discomfort during the process, your dentist can immediately recognize it and can handle it swiftly. The dentist would also watch out for the progress at every step of the whitening process.

In some cases, teeth discoloration doesn’t respond to the whitening process. In this scenario, the dentist can give you an honest opinion and save you from wasting your resources for an outcome that is unlikely to be carved.


Strong And Thorough

Your dentist will use carefully calculated quantities of whitening gels. These products are enriched with peroxide intensity that is often much more in strength than those you can buy from the medical store. This means that professional teeth whitening will remove stubborn discoloration that the usual over-the-counter kit can’t. Importantly, you won’t have to worry about visiting your dentist for the whitening process again and again. Gaps between your dental appointments can be in years. As a result, this would save a lot of your money and time in the long term.


Complete And Long-Lasting

Every person is unique and has different dental hygiene needs. Most whitening kits you can find in pharmacies are not customized for individual needs; they are general. It simply means that these kits may work for one person but not necessarily for you. Professional teeth whitening gives you more balanced and customized results.

Moreover, purchasing a whitening kit over the counter may require multiple attempts. After using them frequently, the result may not be as good as you want them to be. An in-office teeth whitening provides perfect and long-lasting results. You may also be offered a maintenance kit after the session.


The Takeaway Message

Professional teeth whitening is a simple treatment procedure that can offer desired results in a very short period of time. Feel free to ask your dentist any questions you have in your mind before opting for the procedure. It’s normal to have questions about how it works. Your dentist can talk you through all of its ins and outs.


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