Top 6 Dry Mouth Remedies to Soothe Medical Side Effects

Top 6 Dry Mouth Remedies to Soothe Medical Side Effects

It is common to feel anxious about possible Xerostomia, or dry mouth, side effects resulting from certain medications. From extreme discomfort to difficulty eating or speaking, dry mouth causes can hinder otherwise basic activities. If you’re concerned about cottonmouth, there are a few solutions to keep your worries at bay so you can enjoy the simplicities of life with ease.

Follow These 6 Dry Mouth Prevention Tips to Ease Discomfort

Whether you are taking a new medication or have recently undergone radiation treatment or surgery, you can take a few measures to prevent dry mouth from becoming an unbearable discomfort. Some dry mouth remedies are as simple as drinking water, while others may require a small lifestyle change. With a little commitment and consistency, your symptoms will subside.

  1. Stay hydrated.
    Sip water throughout the day to keep your body hydrated. If you have a reusable water bottle, carry it with you throughout the day and ensure you consume at least eight to 12 glasses per day. Of course, check in with your doctor for a recommended water suggestion. Keeping your water at arm’s length will be handy in soothing discomfort while also preventing Xerostomia from getting too extreme.
  2. Reduce caffeine intake.
    Cottonmouth aside, caffeine naturally causes dehydration and can worsen dry mouth symptoms. Limiting your caffeine intake can do wonders in preventing dry mouth by reserving your water levels.
  3. Be mindful of acidic foods and beverages.
    When seeking remedies, be aware of the foods and beverages you’re consuming on a daily basis. Avoid alcoholic beverages like wine, for example. You can also review ingredients since mouthwash can even contain alcohol. Other foods to consider limiting or completely removing are citrus fruits.
  4. Don’t smoke or chew tobacco.
    Aside from the health effects smoking can cause on your overall health, inhaling smoke or chewing tobacco can drastically worsen Xerostomia and lead to extreme discomfort. Immediately stop smoking cigarettes, inhaling vaporizers, and chewing tobacco to prevent symptoms from getting worse.
  5. Keep gum or lozenges handy.
    Chewing gum or sucking sugar-free hard candy is a great dry mouth remedy since it triggers saliva glands. If you feel discomfort resulting from a cottonmouth, pop a lozenge in your mouth to soothe yourself.
  6. Invest in a humidifier.
    Dry mouth symptoms are best alleviated in moist environments. Setting your space up with a humidifier can make all the difference in alleviating Xerostomia without having to even think about it. Humidifiers can be very affordable and worth it when seeking a dry mouth treatment.
  7. Consult Your Doctor for Personalized Dry Mouth Remedies and Dry Mouth Prevention Tips
    At-home dry mouth remedies are a great place to start when you need a swift solution. These natural prevention tips can prove to be especially helpful if you need to wait for an appointment. Teeth cleaning Chicago professionals recommend calling your dentist and setting an appointment for a screening to explore personalized solutions. You don’t have to suffer alone, and vibrant health is just one conversation away.