What To Ask About Invisalign?

Invisalign has transformed the world of orthodontics. It is a safe, effective, and sophisticated alternative to traditional braces. If you are considering getting this innovative treatment at Rooted Dental Care, you might have some questions. Preparing a list of questions helps you make informed decisions for your dental health. It ensures that you make the most out of your consultation with us. To help you prepare for your initial consultation, here are answers for some of the most common concerns.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign has taken the dental world by storm. It is the leading brand of clear, customizable and removable orthodontic aligners designed to straighten your teeth. The aligners provide a discreet and effective method to reposition teeth until the desired alignment is achieved.

What Distinguishes Invisalign From Traditional Braces?

Unlike traditionally used metal braces, Invisalign employs clear, removable aligners. There are no wires or brackets, allowing for easy cleaning and eating while using a nearly invisible product.

Is Invisalign Safe?

Absolutely! Millions of patients use Invisalign worldwide. Made from a biocompatible plastic, these aligners are designed to be gentle on your gums and mouth. Dr. Patell at the Rooted Dental Care Chicago has been extensively trained and has received awards from Align Technologies, the makers of Invisalign, for her expertise on administering Invisalign treatments effectively and safely.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

The cost of Invisalign can vary depending on the complexity of your case, geographical location, and the duration of treatment. In Chicago, a complete package of Invisalign typically costs between $3,000 and $8,500. The final costs can vary based on your specific needs. During your consultation at Rooted Dental Care Chicago, Dr. Patel  will be able to provide a detailed estimate for your individual needs.

Does Invisalign Handle Complex Dental Issues?

Invisalign technology has significantly evolved over the years. While it was initially suitable for minor orthodontic problems, today, it can tackle a broad range of dental alignment issues. Dr. Patel’s expertise ensures that even complex cases are assessed accurately to determine suitability and potential for successful outcomes.

Are There Age Restrictions For Invisalign?

While commonly associated with teens and young adults for its aesthetic appeal and convenience, Invisalign is suitable for older adults, too! Age is rarely a barrier. It is more about your specific dental needs and goals.

How Do I Prepare For The Consultation?

Apart from asking the necessary questions, remember to discuss your dental history. You must also be ready to discuss your general medical history, as a lot of health issues can change the direction of your dental treatments. It is essential to come with an open mindset, understanding that your dentist will make the best recommendations for your needs based on the dental and medical information you provide.

How Will My Treatment Start?

Your Invisalign journey begins with an initial examination of your dental health. When you visit us, Dr. Patel will analyze your teeth and oral health to determine if you are a good candidate for Invisalign. She takes the time to discuss your specific issues and expectations. If you are a suitable candidate for Invisalign, she will take digital scans of your teeth to devise a detailed treatment plan and create custom aligners. She will also provide a breakdown of the duration and costs, including any available financing options.

Will I Wear My Aligners All Day?

Not all, but most time. For optimal results, we recommend our patients wear their aligners for 20-22 hours a day. When you have yours custom-made, make sure you are removing those primarily for eating, drinking anything other than water, and cleaning.

What About Comfort?

Invisalign aligners are custom-made for your teeth, which ensures a snug fit. Most patients report minimal discomfort, especially when compared to traditional braces.

Minimal Discomfort? What’s That? How To Manage It?

Like any orthodontic treatment, there can be minor discomfort when getting Invisalign aligners. Usually, this is a sign that your aligners are working, i.e., shifting your teeth gradually. Over-the-counter medications can help manage any pain, but always consult Dr. Patel if you have concerns or if discomfort persists.

How Invisible Is Invisalign?

Invisalign aligners are made from clear plastic, making them very discreet. Most people do not even notice you are wearing them. If you are looking for a less noticeable orthodontic solution, Invisalign is a fantastic option for you.

How Long Will The Treatment Last?

The duration of the treatment varies depending on your alignment goals and needs. On average, Express to Full Invisalign treatments can last anywhere between three and 18 months. Dr. Patel will better give you a better idea of your treatment timeline during your consultation. How long your treatment takes will also depend on you! The more compliant you are in wearing your Invisalign aligners, the faster you’ll complete your treatment regimen.

How Often Will I Need To See The Dentist?

Generally, Invisalign patients need to visit the dentist every 6-8 weeks. These check-ins allow Dr. Patel to assess your progress and provide you with the next set of aligners. It is crucial to keep up with these appointments to ensure your teeth and gums remain healthy and that your aligners are doing what they are supposed to throughout the time.

Will Invisalign Affect My Diet?

No, Invisalign does not impact your diet. Invisalign offers the freedom to remove your aligners before brushing your teeth and while having meals. This means you can eat and drink whatever you like without restriction, unlike traditional braces. Just remember… DON’T FORGET TO PUT THEM BACK ON!

What Happens If I Break Or Lose An Aligner?

Usually, a minor crack, one that hasn’t split your aligner, can still hold together reasonably well. If it is otherwise, contact us as soon as possible. Dr. Patel remains committed to offering personalized care and if you break or lose your aligner, she will guide you on the next steps, i.e., wearing a previous set of aligners or moving on to the next one, ensuring that your treatment remains on track.

How Do I Sanitize Invisalign?

Invisalign aligners should be cleaned every day. You can use lukewarm water and a soft-bristle toothbrush to brush them gently. Strictly avoid using colored or scented soaps, which can discolor the aligners. While you are at our dental office, Dr. Patel will advise you on additional best post-treatment care tips for lasting results.

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